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Viatran is a worldwide leader providing innovative pressure and level transmitters. For half a century, Viatran has been solving pressure, level measurement, extreme temperature and fast response problems in some of the toughest application environments. Viatran pressure sensors and level measurement sensors and transmitters are designed for applications such as oil and gas services, steel production, injection molding, die casting, and chemical production.


Model 590 Detachable Level Transmitter

0-40" thru 835' WC, PUR Cable Standard, Stainless Steel Sensor and Housing

The Model 590 Detachable Level Transmitter allows for a quick sensor swap without the removal of the installed polyurethane standard cable. PVC and FEP cables are also available. 590/591 have the deepest level rating at 835'. Sensor head and/or cable can be ordered separately. A complete range of accessories for use in level applications are available, many from stock.


  All Stainless Steel construction
  IP-68 Rated
  Low Pressure Applications


  RoHS Compliant


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